About Homemade Cuppy Cakes

My name is Edda, owner of Homemade CuppyCakes. Growing up, the kitchen is just another part of our house. The relationship started when I became a wife and a mother. Cooking for my family and whipping up something for them have become a normal but wonderful part of my routine. When my daughter grew up, I tried to find other things to occupy my time. My husband found fishing and I discovered baking.

Homemade CuppyCakes started as that but it evolved into something bigger than I ever anticipated. Comments, critiques and suggestions from friends turned my hobby into a passion. They ignited the spark, boosted my confidence and inspired me to become better.

Now, Homemade CuppyCakes is not only for family and close friends but for anyone who can appreciate heavenly home baked goods made from the heart.

We are here to help you create your affordable dream cake. Give us a call for a no obligation consultation and get a free taste too!

Based in Brighton covering East, West Sussex and surrounding areas.